OBEC - The Oklahoma Business and Education Coalition

A Nonpartisan, Business-led, Nonprofit Education Organization Focused on Improving Oklahoma Public Schools Through Collaboration Between Leaders in Business and Education

Our Priorities

  1. Increase the recruitment and retention of talented teachers in our Oklahoma classrooms
  2. Support the development of competitive, comparable state academic standards
  3. Advocate for fewer, but better state tests that will enable compatibility both nationally and with other states
  4. Promote the importance of strong public schools

OBEC’s Priorities for Oklahoma Schools

  1. Raise standards
  2. Graduate all students from high school ready for college and work
  3. Attract, prepare, and retain high quality teachers
  4. Improve transparency and accountability for results
  5. Have a fair school funding system

By applying business principles, OBEC’s goal is to improve public education in Oklahoma first by building the infrastructure to analyze and drive decision-making. These priorities, established after national and statewide research, focus all of OBEC’s activities.

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